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So, This is What Goodbye Feels Like

So, This is What Goodbye Feels Like

Dear Friends and Family, It feels like the sun has set on a season in our lives. My keyboard is soaked in salty tears. I'm dreading this blog. It's...

2020: a Look Back & a Look Forward

2020: a Look Back & a Look Forward

I had high hopes for 2020. And now that it is over, I can look back and say it was a year of learning. Some of it was good, plenty of it was...

Hey, I’m Kirsten❣️

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I’m a Chicago girl living in Penang, Malaysia with my hubs, Mark.

In 2013 we were sick of the rat race and decided to move across the globe and rewire our lives. It was the hardest decision. But it was also the most rewarding one.

On my blog, you’ll find practical, down-to-earth info about the realities of expat life. It’ll help you avoid the mistakes we made. My goal is to teach you how to handle the ups and downs and the ins and outs of moving overseas.

Since we live in Malaysia, there is a ton of info on the blog about life here and all the extraordinary adventures we get up to while living in Asia.


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Currently in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico