Let’s be real… America is the eye of a shit storm right now, and who knows when things will change.

Like millions around the world, we watched the debacle – I mean the debates. Also, like millions, I have never felt more uncomfortable, more anxious, and more embarrassed for our country. If it wasn’t at 9AM our time, we would have been drinking.

After the debacle, I started thinking about what I would feel like if I still lived in America. If we had never taken the leap of faith (or leap of crazy) and moved to Malaysia. I’m pretty sure I’d be planning my escape route, and that got me thinking… where would I go?   

I do realize that not everyone can pick up and leave their current situation. But a lot of people actually can. Since March, people have been working remotely, so what is to say you have to stay “home.” Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean your original home.

Does it matter if you attend your Zoom meeting from Boston or Barbados? As long as you get your work done, does it really matter if you are doing it from your kitchen table or poolside in Costa Rica?

I think not.

Here are the easiest countries Americans can move to right now – at least temporarily.


Before I get into the meat and tater-tots of this post, it’s important to note that as of today, Sat. Oct. 3, these countries are open to Americans. I can’t promise they will be tomorrow. I will assume that if you plan to move out of the US for any period, you will do your research.

Covid-19 is changing the world daily and what once was the norm, well, as they say, will be turning into the new normal.

Also, most of these countries have Covid testing and quarantine requirements before you go and upon entry. Do your homework. Do not take this blog post as gospel.

Let’s get on to the meat and tots…


2 girls in colorful dresses in Mexico: Easiest countries for Americans to move

To visit Mexico is to love Mexico.

At the moment, Mexico is open to Americans. More than 1 million Americans already call Mexico home – they can’t be all wrong!

Major hubs like Cancun, Mexico City, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, San Miguel de Allende and Puerta Vallarta have been attracting us for decades. Mexico is def a fave of ours between the beaches, the food, the culture, the healthcare, and the people. It is a top contender for a future Casa de Raccuia!  

It’s possible to get a renewable six-month visa on arrival and extend it a couple of times while you are there. Getting a temporary residence visa isn’t that complicated either. There are also retiree visas and permanent residency options, so finding one to suit your needs shouldn’t be hard.


Colorful buildings with boats along the canal, barbados

When I heard about Barbados’ idea to offer a one-year work visa, the Barbados Welcome Stamp, I jumped on the internet to figure out how we could make that happen.

It’s a remote work visa that allows anyone to move there for up to a year. It costs $2000 for one person or $3000 for a family bundle.

For the record, we didn’t hop at the chance because of our visa situation and Covid. If we leave Malaysia, we aren’t sure when we would be allowed back into the country. And Malaysia is not letting Americans in at the moment, so we are staying put.


Aruba trolley in Oranjestad. Easiest countries for Americans to move

Aruba’s tagline is One Happy Island – they’ve come up with the One Happy Workation so you can work in paradise for up to three months.

There is no visa.

All you have to do is book your workation with one of the participating accommodations on the island. You pick one of the various hotels, condos, or villas that suit your needs – that’s’ all.

Obvi with Covid, there are tests and different requirements, and at the moment, it comes down to the state where you reside. Be sure to check all the details before you make any decisions.


Pink sand beach, Bermuda. Easiest countries for Americans to move

For a whopping $263, you can apply for a one-year Work from Bermuda visa.  

The requirements are pretty straightforward:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • not have been convicted of a crime
  • have current health insurance coverage
  • have employment or your own company outside of Bermuda
  • have a continuous source of income

Costa Rica

Girl sitting on car looking at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Costa Rica recently opened its doors to Americans from 21 states. According to this Costa Rica Embassy page, by Nov. 1, travel from all states will resume.

Upon arrival, you get 90 days to enjoy the country. If you want longer, you have to leave Costa Rica and reenter. But visa runs aren’t reliable and def not something to do long-term.

There are various visa options and none too outlandish if CR is more of a permanent choice for you. International Living has a lot of great info about Costa Rica if you are interested.


Walled city of Dubrovnik: Easiest countries for Americans to move

Currently, Croatia is open to Americans, and we get up to 90 days to stay there and see what life is all about.

Starting sometime in early 2021, Croatia will be offering digital nomad visas making it even easier.

Close Calls

This, by no means is a comprehensive list of all the countries in the world allowing Americans to come for a few months. But the countries I’ve chosen here are the ones that are making it super easy or those that have fantastic visa programs.

Some other countries that are allowing Americans to enter are Ecuador, Montenegro, and Ireland. They all give Americans 90 days, and Belize offers 30 days.

The Wrap-Up

I am in no way saying you should hop on a plane and take a vacation.

I am encouraging you to think about your options. You do not have to stay in America if you don’t want to. It doesn’t make you any less of an American, or a traitor, or unpatriotic. It makes you open-minded. There are loads of things I love about America, but that doesn’t mean I want to live there.

It’s totally ok to want something different and take charge of your life to make it so.

Now may not be the perfect time to pick up and move, but it’s not the worst either. Never has remote working and homeschooling been so integral to our lives, which makes it possible to try something different without yanking the kids out of school or taking a work hiatus. Do your due diligence, see what works for you, and go for it.

Think outside of the box.

By the way, this time I’ll be ready for the next debacle with a bloody mary in hand, no matter what time it is.    

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