When you picture a tropical island with turquoise seas and a lush interior, you are picturing Langkawi, Malaysia.

Since we live so close, we pop over regularly and have explored EVERY inch of the island. People keep asking me what to do in Langkawi, so I thought it was time to write the ultimate Langkawi Itinerary.

Langkawi island is a little island paradise off the west coast of Malaysia packed with tropical beaches, rushing waterfalls, and adventure. Get below sea level and check out the aquatic life and soar to the top of the island and take in the panoramic view of the archipelago. There is so much to do.

But where to start?

Don’t fret, this post has everything you need. I’ve got you covered.

Quick facts about Langkawi:

  • Langkawi is an island in a 99 island archipelago with the same name.
  • You can see Thailand from the beaches.
  • It’s in the Malaysian state of Kedah, and it’s also known as the Jewel of Kedah.
  • The main city is Kuah. It is a very local small city, and there isn’t much to see there. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time there. You didn’t come to Langkawi to hang out in a city anyway. Head to the beaches.
  • Langkawi was designated a duty-free island when Mahathir was the prime minister for the first time in 1987.

How many days should you spend in Langkawi? 

Well, at least 3, but more is mo’ better. There are a lot of activities for the more adventurous and fantastic beaches to recuperate on. You could easily spend a week here, but if your time is limited, three days will do.

Down below, I’ve written about more activities than you’ll have time for in three days. So, if you have 4 days in Langkawi or even 5 days, you won’t be bored. Cherry-pick your faves and adjust the itinerary to suit.

Ship in the harbor in Langkawi


Langkawi: It’s more than just beaches

On our first trip, I planned to spend as much time on the beach as possible. But when I started researching all the activities to be had, my plan changed. I couldn’t lay on the beach all day knowing there was a cable car, one of the highest in the world, that would soar me to an eagle’s view of the surrounding islands. Plus, Mark wants to explore every nook and cranny of a place, sitting still isn’t his strong suit.

There are a lot of places to visit in Langkawi. A ton to see. But you’re on an island, so I think the beaches are a priority. No point in going to a tropical paradise and going to the malls, right? Daily beaches and sunsets are pretty much a given on any Langkawi itinerary.

I think Pantai Cenang (pronounced Pant-eye Chen-ang) and Pantai Tengah are where you should end the evenings. In fact, it’s where we stay every time we go to Langkawi. It’s where the best shopping, nightlife, and restaurants are found.

While there may be prettier beaches on the island, those two have all the amenities at your fingertips.

I am not a secluded beach kind of girl. I mean, who is going to bring me a beer?

I love to go and find secluded beaches. Hang out for a bit and swim, but for anything longer, I want options. I need a beach with some action if I’m going to spend any amount of time there.

But I digress, let’s dive into your ultimate Langkawi itinerary.


Day 1 of your Langkawi itinerary

Where? The northwestern quadrant of the island, ending in Cenang.

Day 1 Morning

One of the best ways to get an overview of a place is to get high. No. Not by smoking something. By cable car. And Langkawi has one of the world’s steepest ones, called the SkyCab. Of course, this is a major tourist attraction, but there is a reason for that… it’s really cool, and the views are unbeatable.

But before you get a bird’s eye view, let’s start at sea level.


The Oriental Village

The Oriental Village is the gateway to the Langkawi Geopark. It is the base of the Sky Cab and is an attraction on its own. It’s an open-air complex with food stalls, retail shops, spas, and attractions. The village is a town and amusement park built for tourism and to keep people spending their money.

It provides Segway tours, quad adventures, and motor cross trails to ride wild in the foothills of Mount Machinchang. Or how about a Duck Tour. Hop on an amphibious vehicle that is part bus and part boat. It drives you around on land before turning into a boat on the ocean. It’s a two-fer.

Of course, being Malaysia, a country where food reigns, there were restaurants of every kind imaginable; kebab shops, seafood palaces, hawker stalls, and sushi.

The shops have everything you need and many things you never knew you wanted. I bought my famous cat in a banana shirt there. Because everyone needs a tank top with a cat coming out of a banana? AmIright?

Me with a cant in a banana tank top

Besides those weird and wonderful souvenirs, you can get sunscreen, bathing suits, flip-flops, and clothes.

After you’ve exhausted yourself shopping, head to the spa, and let the fish eat the dead skin off of your feet or have a real pedicure and a massage.

When you are finished spending your money on stupid tank tops and fish spas, follow the signs to the SkyCab.

Insider tip:

Tip 1: It would be easy to spend the whole day in the Oriental Village, but don’t get distracted from the primary goal, you have views to chase. Better yet, wander through the village after you’ve been to the SkyCab.


Time to get high in the SkyCab

Skycab cable car, a Langkawi Itinerary must

No trip to Langkawi would be complete without going to the SkyCab.

This Swiss-designed cable car is the world’s steepest and glides over the 550-million-year-old Mt. Machinchang. 550 million years old! I thought my gramma was old at 102!

Anyway, it’s not just the steepest, it’s also the longest free span mono-cable car. It’s 4.4 kilometers (2.73 miles) Lots of record breakers, huh?

It’s a stunning ride, sometimes with a 42-degree incline, that flies by fairly quickly. About 15 minutes total of “flying” time. On the way up, you’ll spot a hidden waterfall that peeks out like a vein breaking through the jungle.

There is an intermediate stop along the way. Get out to take in the views and to get up close to the flora of the mountain range. It is blanketed in bright greens and peppered with hot pink, purple, and red flowers.

The top is 708 meters above sea level and has dramatic 360-degree views as far as Thailand. The landscape is majestic, incredibly emerald, and lush. The verdant green world converges with the vast blue ocean and the surrounding islands. It’s one of the prettiest panoramas I’ve seen in Malaysia.


Walk amongst mountains at the SkyBridge

View of the Skybridge in Langkawi

At the top is The SkyBridge, the longest free span and curved bridge in the world. The bridge is 125 meters long and extends out over the virgin jungle below. It is suspended by an 82-meter high pylon and hangs 100 meters above the ground. You are basically walking between the green mountains as you walk from one side to the other.

There are a few glass panels on the bridge for the ultimate photo op if you can get them to yourself. The entire suspension bridge had to be airlifted to the top of the mountain by helicopter. It was then assembled in its current spot.

View of Skybridge Langkawi Itinerary

There is a separate ticket for the bridge which can be purchased at the top station of the SkyCab. It’s only RM6/$1.47.

Included in the ticket price to the SkyCab is:

  • SkyDome: a 10-minute movie in a 360-degree dome
  • SkyRex: a visual and physical simulation of being chased by dinosaurs
  • 3D Art Langkawi: A 3d interactive art museum, which is suuuuupppper cheesy and SO MUCH FUN! Each room has a different theme, but the underwater world and safari rooms were so well done, the pictures look like you’re part of the scenery. It’s silly but certainly worth the 30 minutes. It’s perfect for getting those great bribery shots of your loved one plucking the g-string out of a rhino’s butt, or about to be eaten by a hippo.

How to purchase your tickets:

There are two options for buying tickets: normal (RM85/$21) or express lane (RM135/$33). With the normal ticket, you’ll have to wait in line for the ticket and the gondola. The express lane you won’t. Both tickets include entrance to the SkyDome, SkyRex, and 3D Art Langkawi.

Mark being eaten by at hippo at 3D Art museum Langkawi Itinerary


Insider Tips:

Tip 1: You can buy entrance tickets in advance, but I wouldn’t suggest it. If it rains or is a cloudy day, you won’t get your money back, it’s better to play it by ear. Also, it is a good idea to do this early in your trip. If you wait until the last day and it just so happens to rain, your SOL (shit outta luck), my friends!

Tip 2: Go early in the morning to avoid the masses.


Day 1 Afternoon

Do go chasin’ waterfalls – Seven Wells

Us in front of 7 Wells Waterfall Langkawi Itinerary

When you’re back down to sea level, start your waterfall quest.

That waterfall you spied from the gondola, it’s only a few minutes from the Oriental Village. It’s called the Seven Wells Waterfall, locally known as Telaga Tujuh. It’s easy to find using Waze or Google Maps app (but Waze is better).

There are a few different pools to choose from, seven in fact. The hike to the top is short but steep and worth it if you have the time. The locals believe this waterfall is the home to little fairies that flit about. On the way in you may spot macaques and hornbills because Seven Wells is in the middle of the jungle.

From there, head north about 20 minutes to Terjun Temurun Waterfall. It has 3 tiers and is the tallest one on the island. It’s pretty close to the car park with a pool at the bottom if you don’t want to go to the top.

But no matter where you hop in, it’s going to be refreshing. And by refreshing, I mean cold.

Insider Tips

Tip 1: Always be ready with a towel/sarong and a bathing suit. There are hidden beaches and waterfalls strewn around the island. You never know when the mood strikes to jump in.

Tip 2: We went during the dry season, so there was just a trickle, but it was still worth the visit. It would def be better as a thunderous waterfall.


From Seven Wells to Sandy Skulls

Sandy Skulls Beach langkawi itinerary

From Terjun Temurun, drive two minutes east, and you’ll be on one of my fave beaches on the island – Sandy Skulls Beach.

Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing harrowing about this beach. The water is clear, and the sand is golden tan. Other than bathrooms, there are no facilities, so if you want food or drinks, you’ll have to bring them.

For pasty people like me, there is plenty of shade under the trees. Unlike a lot of other beaches, there are no water sports here, which makes for a blissful day.

Across the way, you can see the Thai island of Koh Tarutao, which used to be a penal colony back in the day. The name Sandy Skulls came from the bodies, or body parts, that used to float ashore there, presumably from Koh Tarutao.

Insider Tips:

Tip 1: I know this sounds stupid, but don’t sit under a coconut palm tree. While the idea is gorgeous, and you are on a tropical island, death by coconut is real.


Time for sundowners on Cenang Beach

By this time, it will be getting close to sundown. It’s time to head to Cenang Beach.

One of our favorite places to go is Ah Chong. The beers are cheap (RM5/$1.23) and cold, the service is excellent, and if you are a cocktail lover, this place is for you. They make a mean negroni (RM20/$4.92), and the Tanqueray Basilikum (RM20) is to die for: gin, fresh basil, lemon juice, a little simple syrup and ground fresh pepper on top.

Ah Chong Bar sigh "customer is always wrong"

There is nothing fancy about this place. It’s a small wooden bar with rickety chairs and a couple of tables in the sand. It doesn’t get better than this. Once the sun sets, you have your choice of restaurants within crawling distance.

Insider tip:

Tip 1: Because Langkawi is so close to the equator, sunrise and sunset times don’t vary much throughout the year. Sunsets are typically between 7:15-7:45, and they are fabulous, so plan to be on a beach watching the golden orb sink into the horizon nightly. Seriously, you won’t want to miss it.

Time for yummy eats

Yellow Café is a popular place, the food is more western, and of course because its directly on the sand, it’s a little more expensive. 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly food, get off the beach and head to the local night market. Every night the market is in a different area of town, so pick a night and head over around 7ish. You’ll find everything from laksa and noodles to satay and desserts.

Don’t bother if it is rainy – all the markets are outdoors, and some vendors might not go.

For other options, you can wander along the main street, which runs perpendicular to the beach. You’ll be able to choose from a plethora of places.

Red Tomato is one of our faves, they have great pizza and yummy breakfasts and the owners Tanja and Oli are the nicest! You can really find everything along the main road: sushi, Italian, BBQ, and local.

Day 2 of your perfect Langkawi itinerary

Where? The northeastern quadrant of the island, ending on Cenang.

Day 2 morning

Motor through the mangroves

The Kilim Geoforest Park, on the northeastern part of the island, is a UNESCO world heritage natural site. The 100 square kilometers protected area is known for its thick layers of mangroves and karsts. Just like the landscape you soared over on the SkyCab, these limestone rock formations are crazy old, like millions of years old. But who’s counting after 102?

You can hop on a boat tour and discover their impressive scale, as well as explore the unique flora and fauna of the mangroves.

Kilim Boat Tour Langkawi Itinerary

On the mangrove tour, you’ll be able to stop for a swim and skulk through a bat cave. Check out secluded beaches and scout out fossils on a nearby island.

As you float by, you’ll spot macaques, monitor lizards, and two types of eagles the Brahminy Kite Eagle and the White-bellied Sea Eagle. Unfortunately, there are some tour operators that feed the eagles chicken skin to get them closer to the tourists. Do not go with these operators, it’s unhealthy and unnatural for these predators to rely on humans for food.

White bellied eagle flying over the water in Langkawi

Insider Tips

Tip 1: Many companies offer the tour, just make sure they are safe, reputable, and don’t feed the eagles.

Tip 2: You can hire a boat from the Kilim Jetty, it will be cheaper than a tour, but they may not have a professional naturalist or wildlife guide on board. There are more than 200 species of birds in Langkawi, and without a proper guide, it might be a challenge to see them.

And the Capitan may or may not speak English. Some “tours” are more of a boat taxi than a tour.

Day 2 afternoon

Durian Falls: who doesn’t want more waterfalls?

Most of the mangrove tours are half-day, which means more exploring in the afternoon. Just a 10-minute drive inland from Kilim is the Durian Perangin Waterfall, a 14-tier beauty that provides loads of options for dipping. The water comes from Gunung Raya, the highest mountain in Langkawi, and the pools are crystal clear. It’s not a tough hike to the lower pools, even though it’s nestled on the edge of the Kilim Geopark.

From freshwater falls to saltwater beaches – Tanjung Rhu

After the waterfall, drive 15 minutes north to Tanjung Rhu, one of the prettiest slices of beach on the island. It’s where the Tanjung Rhu Resort and the Four Seasons are located. Ya know it’s gotta be good if the Four Seasons is there.

It’s where we filmed The Confidence Man, JP, and it has the finest creamy-pale sand. The expansive powdery beach meets the most turquoise water, it is really a perfect postcard.

Us on the beach in Four Seasons langkawi

The beaches in front of the hotels are private, but the rest of the beach is open to the public. It’s pretty far from most of the touristy things to do in Langkawi, so the beach is much quieter than Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. There are a couple of vendors for food and drinks, and some places to rent umbrellas and chairs.

If you decide to stay there for sunset, you’ll be in for another display of mama nature at her finest.

The thing about staying on that side of the island is that you are limited for dinner and nightlife options. I think going back to Cenang or Tengah for the night is always the best option.

If you go to Cenang for sunset, go to Kalut Bar. It’s right on the beach, and they put beans bags on the sand for a cozy night. After dark, they have fire shows on the weekends.

Insider Tip:

Tip 1: If you are a picky eater, you might want to eat before you go to the Tanjung Rhu beach. Once there, there aren’t a lot of choices unless you wander into restaurants at the 5-star hotels.

Like the rest of Malaysia, there are food stalls peppered throughout the island. You won’t go hungry. However, you won’t have that many options on the northern portion of the island.

Day 3 of your Langkawi Itinerary

Where? Cenang and Pantai Tengah

Day 3 Morning

Adrenaline fueled Island Hopping tour on a Jet Ski

Starfish in the water

There is something about jet skis that make me giggle-scream like a little school girl. And I love every minute of it!

Touring via jet ski is the ultimate way to explore, nothing is off-limits like it would be in a boat. You get to tear around on a jet ski and get up close and personal with nature! On boat tours, you have limited chances to stop and admire the islands. The beauty of jet ski tours, aside from the adrenalin surge, is the sense of freedom.

The wind will be twisting your hair into dreadlocks (or is that just me?). You’ll pass through narrow passageways of islands dubbed The Fjords. You’ll find ancient rock paintings, and watch local fishermen spear hunting.

Just imagine diving off of your jet ski into the crystal clear blue water. Then jumping back on board and going full throttle to the next island. Best.Day.Ever!

One of the islands is called Dayang Bunting, or Pregnant Maiden Island. It is the largest island in the archipelago and has the largest lake in Malaysia. The outline of the island looks like a pregnant woman lying on her back. But believe it or not, that’s not where the name comes from. Legend has it that if you drink the water from the lake, you’ll get pregnant. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, girls.

The tours aren’t cheap, with prices starting at RM700/$173, but the experience is worth it. Remember, you are driving your own private jet ski in one of the most gorgeous areas of Malaysia.

There are numerous tour operators to book with once you arrive. Mega Water Sports is known for its expert guides, and safety is their priority.

Day 3 afternoon

Malaysian flag on the beach

After a 4-hour adrenaline rush, you’re probably going to be pretty tired. Lounging on the beach is in order. Drive 10 minutes south to Pantai Tengah.

Even though it is right next to Cenang, it has a totally different vibe. It’s more mellow, has fewer people, and not that many watersports buzzing around.

My fave place is Hidden Beach. It’s a super cute restaurant/bar that puts out a few bean bags on the sand. Spend the rest of the afternoon there and recharge.

After you’ve rested, it’s time to get your duty free shopping on.

Duty-free everything

I’ve seen duty free shops in every international airport, they are all the same and not very impressive. But it’s different when it is an entire ISLAND of duty-free stuff.

It’s not just the usual spirits and ciggies; it’s everything. There are dishes, pots and pans, and knife sets. TVs and tech thingamajigs, oil paintings, and batiks. Can’t forget the clothing, shoes, and bedding. Just when you think you don’t have the room in your suitcase for one more thing. You find the duty-free suitcase store. You get the point.

Head back to Cenang to shop.

With all the money you’ve just saved on duty, go to The Cliff for happy hour drinks with a view.

The Cliff is more upscale with a fantastic ambiance and incredible views of the entire Cenang Beach. They have good happy hour specials and pour stiff drinks. This is a place that you go to have a sunset drink at the bar and move on if you are on a budget.

Sunset from the Cliff bar overlooking the ocean

Alternative things to do in Langkawi

In addition to the top things to do in Langkawi, there are some alternatives. I recognize that not everyone loves the beaches as much as I do. And Langkawi is one of those islands that has something for everyone.

Here are a few alternative options for your 3 days in Langkawi.

  • Scuba dive or snorkel. There are loads of day trips to Pulau Payar Marine Park. It is only one hour away by speedboat and a perfect place to get close to the underwater world.
  • Horse ride on the beach or jungle with Island Horses 
  • Go ziplining. There are quite a few zipline courses throughout the island.
  • Take a sunset dinner cruise
  • Take a bike tour around the island. Ride through rice paddies and rivers, to wet markets and local villages.
  • Ayer Hangat Village hot springs. These aren’t just any hot springs…these are saltwater hot springs. One of only eight in the world. There is natural algae floating in them known for their healing properties.

Tip 1: You can only put your feet into these public pools. But since your feet are the windows to your…erm.. soul? No, that’s not it… um, well whatever, you can only dip your feet. (RM15/$3.70 per hour).

Tip 2: If you want to go shoulders deep, you’ll have to rent a private “jacuzzi” for an hour. There is another area that houses 12 private baths that are available for RM199/$37 for two people for an hour.

  • Koh Lipe is the one of the closet inhabited Thai islands to Langkawi. If you have some extra time, hop a ferry to Koh Lipe. It’s only an hour away. But it is worlds apart. And it’s one of our fave islands to visit. Be sure to check if you need a visa since you’ll be leaving Malaysia.
  • Eagle Square in Kuah town is home to a massive eagle statue that is iconic to Langkawi. At 12 meters tall, it towers over the street below and looks like it’s about to take flight.Eagle Square: Langkawi Itinerary

Rainy day activities

  • Underwater World  A massive aquarium with over 4000 species in the heart of Pantai Cenang
  • Kraf Komplex is a few museums in one. It is a collection of traditional crafts and artifacts from all around Malaysia. Think batik, jewelry, and glass blowing. There are 3 museums on the property: the Heritage Museum, the Wedding Museum, and the Cultural Museum.
  • Atma Alam Batik Art Village is a place to shop for local batiks but also to learn how to make your own. The artists make it look effortless, but trust me, it’s difficult.

Now that you know what to do in Langkawi, let’s move on to practicalities.

Getting to Langkawi

Flights are the way to go. There is also a ferry from Penang that takes three hours and costs RM120/$30. It’s been dubbed the vomit comet, so I’ve never ridden it. We’d rather spend the little extra money not to have someone throw up in our laps, but that’s just us.

Penang to Langkawi flights are 17 minutes and usually around RM120/$30 round trip.

The Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi flight is another dreadfully long one. It’s for one hour and will cost about RM120 as well.

I’ve seen flights as cheap as RM85. Air Asia and Malindo both fly there multiple times daily. For the best flights, I always book through Skyscanner. They compare flights and will give you a price graph.

Langkawi beach. Must see on your Langkawi itinerary

Getting around Langkawi

The roads in Langkawi are well paved and well mapped. Use the Waze app for directions – it’s free and better than google maps. The island is small. You can drive from north to south in about an hour, same for east to west.

There is no public transportation, so you have to rely on a rental of some sort or Grab (Southeast Asian Uber).

Scooters are a perfect way to get around the island, but only if you are an experienced rider. Otherwise, rent a car.

There are plenty of car rentals all over the island, near the airport, the jetty. Scooter rentals are found near Cenang Beach.

The price for a scooter ranges from RM30-50/$7.40-12.30 per day.

It will take less than RM5/$1.50 to fill the tank. ALWAYS wear a helmet, it’s the law and a lot of drivers drive with one eye closed so go slow and be hyper-aware.

Also, take the scooter for a test drive, check the breaks, the tires, etc. Don’t be afraid to request a different bike if you don’t like the original one they give you. This goes for all rentals in Malaysia, and Asia as a whole.

Grab Taxis are plentiful.


When to go to Langkawi

The island is only 6 degrees north of the equator, so the Langkawi weather forecast is usually the same: hot and humid with a chance of rain.

The driest weather is from January to March. April to August is still a wonderful time to go, but you will see some rain. Most of the time, it rains at night, so it won’t ruin your beach days. September and October see the most precipitation.

If you are a waterfall lover, try to come at the end of the rainy season. Too far into the dry season, and you’ll find less of a waterfall and more of a trickle.

Blue skies, teal water. Langkawi Itinerary

Is Langkawi safe?

1. Here’s the deal, Langkawi and Malaysia as a whole, are super safe. Just don’t be stupid.

There is petty crime all over the world, Malaysia is no different. Don’t flaunt your money or your jewelry, because that’s just dumb. Malaysia’s crime rate is very low, but no need to show off your gold chains in a country where the average monthly wage is probably less than that gold chain is worth. Plus, that just makes you look like an asshole.

2. Langkawi has very inexpensive alcohol. But that doesn’t mean you should get plastered and walk around with money falling out of your pockets. Keep your wits about you whenever and wherever you travel.

3. Monkeys. They are soooo cute from afar. But not cute when sinking their fangs into your shoulder. And yes, it happens because people feed them. Don’t be one of those people. The more humans feed them, the less scared of us they are.

When they feel like it’s ok to jump on your shoulder and steal the Chapstick out of your purse for a quick snack (true story, my friends), things go downhill quickly. So just don’t do it.

Where to stay in Langkawi

Unless you are on a romantic honeymoon, prefer resort-style trips, or are needing some alone time, the place to stay is Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. It is the most popular beach and definitely the busiest one. That being said, we still prefer to stay there or at the neighboring beach, Pantai Tengah.

The other areas are incredibly beautiful, but they lack the nightlife, restaurants, and options that the southwestern corner of the island offers.

However, if you just want to stay on the beach, never leave your resort, and be pampered at the hotel spas, by all means, you do you. But if you are interested in walking out your door and being in the middle of it all (or near it), then stay in Cenang or Tengah.

Here are my top picks around the island:

Pantai Cenang

You will find everything from hostels to 5-star accommodation here.

Sunset with a parasail in front of it the sun. Langkawi itinerary

Nadias Hotel gets my top pick. It is directly across from the beach and right in the middle of everything. The rooms are spacious, very clean, and the staff is lovely. They have an indoor/outdoor pool, which is helpful for a quick cool down. They have happy hour daily from 4-7pm. RM5 drinks, including spirits. On Thursday, they have an all-day happy hour. You can check Nadias room rates and availability HERE.

Casa Del Mar is a high-end hotel on the north end of Cenang. It has 34 rooms, so it’s pretty small. It has a large pool directly in front of its private beach. You’ll have your choice of ways to cool off. It looks more Mediterranean than Malaysian, but it is lovely. Some rooms have decks or balconies which are perfect for sundowners. You can check Casa Del Mar room rates and availability HERE.

Shell Out Chalet-Cenang Beach Resort has Private chalets at a very affordable price, just minutes from the beach. Each cottage has a little porch and a private bathroom. One of the few budget hotels with a pool. A quiet oasis in the heart of Cenang. You can check Shell Out’s room rates and availability HERE.

Pantai Tengah 

This beach is just south of Cenang and has the same gorgeous beach without all the crowds. 

Ambong Ambong villa room view with pool

Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat is a 4-star haven. There are only 10 rooms that feel like they are in the middle of the rainforest but are only a few hundred meters from the beach. They have a lovely outdoor pool, and some rooms have hot tubs. All the rooms have kitchenettes and an eating area. You can check Ambong Ambong’s room rates and availability HERE.

Sunset Beach Resort has a very tropical vibe, and all the rooms have a little front sitting area. It’s very basic, but it has everything you need in a budget hotel. There is a private walkway that leads to the beach just seconds from your doorstep. You can check Sunset Beach Resort’s room rates and availability HERE.

Pantai Kok

The Danna Langkawi is a 5-star hotel that deserves all the accolades it gets. It has an old-world colonial feel with first-class service. The property is enveloped by almost 3 acres of lush greenery. There is a large infinity pool just in front of the lawn and beach. The rooms are luxurious and have a terrace or a balcony to relax on. And the spa is top-notch! It’s one of those places you may never want to leave. You can check the Danna’s room rates and availability HERE.

Tanjung Rhu

The Four Seasons in Tanjung Rhu is definitely one of the most beautiful hotels on the island. It is stunning. From the grounds to the private villas, if you are looking for something special, this is your place. It is set in 48 verdant acres along the beachfront, which is private. There are four restaurants, and you can dine privately on the beach under the stars. Some of the villas have private pools. If you can dream it, the Four Seasons will make it happen. It’s that kind of place. You can check the Four Season’s room rates and availability HERE.

Where to eat 

In Malaysia, I always recommend eating street food because it’s excellent, affordable, and fresh. That’s why I recommend the night market. However, since it changes location nightly, you may have to find other nearby options.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • Scarborough Fish & Chips
  • Nasi Kandar tomato 
  • Cactus 
  • Sambal
  • Red Tomato (if you go say hi to the owners Tanja and Ali)
  • The Boat
  • Palm View Seafood

Final Thoughts

Blue skies, teal water. Langkawi Itinerary

Since that first trip, we’ve been back more times than I can count. It’s only a 17-minute flight, and we fully take advantage of that!

Now you know what to do on your Langkawi trip. Need any help planning? Or have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! 

And since you’re alreadu in Langkawi, I assume you will be traveling to Penang. So you better read Penang: Where to Stay to Make the Most of Your Holiday!

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  1. sandy mayen

    Hi Kristen,

    Again, I am so excited to read about Langkawi, KUL and Penang. I am so ready to visit Malaysia & decide whether is a place for us to retire. Just waiting to see when all flights will be available from Dallas, TX. Since we only have 3 weeks for vacation, what should be the route itinerary? From Dallas, we will be flying into Bangkok. Stay in BKK for a few days to see my dad.
    After that should we depart from:
    1st – BKK to KUL
    2nd – KUL to Penang,
    3rd – Penang to Langkawi
    4th Langkawi to Singapore
    5th From Singapore back to Dallas.? We are flexible so we can leave from Malaysia to Dallas too. Please advise us. I am planning to book all hotels through your site. Thank you so much.

    • Kirsten Raccuia

      Hi Sandy, It’s all very exciting. There are direct flights from BKK to Penang as well as KL. Pre-Covid there were multiple flights a day from KL to Penang as well as Penang to Langkawi on Air Aisa. Both are super fast, super cheap and you can book last minute.

      Are Langkawi and Singapore places you are interested in retiring?

      And thank you for booking the hotels through here, I really appreciate that. However, I would wait a while before you book. Sadly, a lot of hotels on the island are going out of business. Since your plan is to visit next year, I’d hold off.

      Hope that helps,

    • Jeroen

      Be aware that Bangkok has two airports and it depends on the airline company at which airport you will arrive, or will depart from. Transferring from one airport to the other could easily take 1 ~ 2 hours, depending on the time of day.

    • sandy mayen

      Hi Kristen,

      I would like to retire in Penang. Since we have 3 weeks of vacation not sure how much time should I spend in Malaysisa, Penang, KUL, Langkawi and Singpore or skip some of the city. Thank you.

      • Kirsten Raccuia

        Hi Sandy,
        If you think Penang is where you want to retire, you should spend as much time here as possible. That’s the best way to get to know it.

  2. Emelie

    Whew! Looks amazing!!! I love traveling vicariously through your blog when I’m not able to do it in reality. Thank you.

  3. Wendy

    Wow, what a comprehensive review, I had no idea there was so much to do! We definitely need to go back, we’ve clearly not even touched the surface here…sounds like an excuse for another holiday…!

    • Kirsten Raccuia

      Yes, you must come back for a visit! And stay long enough for a holiday!

    • Kirsten Raccuia

      Thank you, Wendy! It took a LOT of time to write!

      Yes, you must come back for a visit. And stay long enough for a holiday there!


  4. Alison Stevens

    Scarborough Fish & Chips is a great place for lunch at Tanjung Rhu, plus they have lounges on the beach that you can use for free.

    • Kirsten Raccuia

      Hi Alison!

      I didn’t know that you could use their chairs for free! That’s another reason to go!


  5. Jeroen

    Grab taxis are indeed plenty available in the more touristy areas such as Cenang, Tengah and Kuah. But be careful when in Tanjung Rhu: you might find yourself stuck with no Grab available to pick you up and bring you back.

    • Kirsten Raccuia

      Hi Jeroen,

      Thanks for the tip. That’s good to know!

  6. Michele Cassebohm

    Just loved this overview! We are going for 5 days next week and I must say, I wondered what we were going to DO exactly other than sunbaking which is not my husbands huge fancy! So now I have lots of great ideas and can’t wait to go!

    • Kirsten Raccuia

      Thank you, Chele! There is a lot to do! I can’t wait to hear how you like it!


  7. Michael Brown

    Very comprehensive view of such a beautiful place. For me, it’s a big no-go on the cable car and walkway!

    • Kirsten Raccuia

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you! Well, I assume you won’t be going on the Habitat walkway while you’re here then. Noted!


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